• The Installation Notes of Wafer Check Valve

The Installation Notes of Wafer Check Valve

Wafer check valve is a universal one-way flow valve with light weight. It is easy to be installed between flanges. There are two semicircle spring fixed in the valve by pin. Spring deformation makes the valve flap closed while fluid pressure makes it open. By this way, quick spring deformation helps protect the pipeline from water flow impulsion.

Installation notes

1. Make sure that the pass-through direction of wafer check valve is the same as the fluid direction when placing pipeline.

2. Install it in vertically placed pipeline. For a horizontally placed pipeline, the wafer check valve should be installed vertically.

3. Connect wafer check valve and butterfly valve with a extension tube rather than any other tubes.

4. Avoid adding joint and obstruction within the limits of operating radius of valve plate.

5. Do not install a reducer on the front or back of wafer check valve.

6. Leave enough space when installing a wafer check valve near a bend.

7. Leave six times space of valve diameter when the wafer check valve needs to be installed in pump outlet, which ensures fluid's action on butterfly plate.

The Installation Notes of Wafer Check Valve

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