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China Valve manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter, PipesTec supplies Industrial Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves Check Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Plug Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Strainer, and Other Special Valves in Various Materials and Sizes, used in many industrial market segments.

American Standard:
Ball Valve: API 6D, BS 5351.
Butterfly Valve: API 609.
Wafer Check Valve: API 594, Swing Check Valve: BS 1868.
Gate Valve: API 600, BS 1414, Through Conduit Gate Valve: API 6D.
Globe Valve: BS 1873.
Plug Valve: API 599.
Face to Face Length Dimension: ANSI B16.10 or DIN 3202 or according to the client requirement.
Pressure Test: API 598.

Body / Bonnet Materials:
Cast Steel                    Forged Steel                    Materials
A216 WCB / WCC                    A105                    Carbon Steel
A352 LCB / LCC                    A350 LF2                    Low Temperature CS
A351 CF8                    A182 F304                    Stainless Steel
A351 CF8M                    A182 F316                     Stainless Steel
A351 CF3                     A182 F304L                    Stainless Steel
A351 CF3M                    A182 F316L                    Stainless Steel
A351 CN7M                                                       Alloy Steel 20
A217 (WC1 WC6 WC9 C5 C12)          A182 F11/F22          Alloy Steel
ASTM A126 GR. B (GG25 -DIN)                        Cast Grey Iron
ASTM A395 (GGG40/50 DIN)                            Ductile Iron
B148 C95800                                                     ALUMINIUM BRONZE

Norminal Diameter Range: 1/2" – 48".
Normail Pressure Range: 150# - 2500#.